In this course, I will teach you how to take your writing ability and combine it with SEO to rank on Search Engines. Take you through the process step by step. First looking what SEO writing is, all the way through to how to write a viral blog post. I hope you enjoy the course!

Course Curriculum

Tyrone Fisher talking

Hi, I am Tyrone Fisher.

I am the founder of Over Saturated. I have been creating and promoting digital content for the last 5 years+. In this course, I use the knowledge I've gained over the last five years to help your writing go viral on search engines.

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How to Rank on Search Engines with SEO-friendly Content

An in-depth guide on how to use content to make sure that your website ranks on search engines.

This course will help enable you to use Content writing to help improve your article or websites ranking.

We take a look at key factors from SEO that help content to improve ranking from headings, to length of content, to bulleted lists and more.

I hope the course helps your content rank better.